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My First Craft Fair Experience...

So I had my first stall at a craft fair a little while ago, and as promised I am going to tell you how it went...

But first, I want to share all about the lead up to it.

I had a about 6 weeks to get everything ready. I worked away every spare second I had.


Working late into the night, sneaking an hour here and there whilst bribing the kids with films and snacks.

Even whilst I was cooking dinner!

I researched what other crafters normally make for a summer craft fair... as a winter one is obvious.... Hats, Scarfs, Blankets, Christmas stock... this would have been lovely and easy.

I wrote a list..

- Key Rings (Owls, Sunshine's, Doughnuts, Stars, Cookies)

- Hair accessories (Bobbles, Clips, Headbands.)

- Face Scrubbies.

- Shower poofs.


- Multi-way Band.

- Baby Blankets.

It doesn't look like that much when it is only written down... but it was a fair bit of work actually, and in a short amount of time.

I already had baby blankets made up, so that could be ticked off right away.

I enjoyed making most of the things... it did get a bit repetitive at times, especially the key rings, but once I got myself into a rhythm, and a little production line happened..... it wasn't too bad and they worked up at a relative pace.

Some things worked up super quick... mainly the hair accessories.

I really enjoyed making the Unicorn Hair Bobbles.

I loved the quick effect of the twirls, and of course, the rainbow colours!

The little flowers and the bows for the clips were super quick too.

I had to buy some things too. A key ring stand, the clips and the bobbles. Some more storage baskets. More key rings and some Lanyard Rings.

I also bought some business cards... Granted, I wanted some for ages any way, never a bad thing to have.

So, I got everything done, spent money. Paid the £20 for the table.

Spent lots of time worrying if anyone would buy anything... or should I have more stock, just in case by some miracle I sold out of everything.

I needn't have worried about that though....

Want to know my grand total..... £16!

I didn't even cover the cost of the table.....

Very disappointing.... I mean I kind of expected that, but I won't lie... it still stung a little.

To be honest, all the other stalls were about the same.

The footfall was fair, a lot of people came to look, and say the stuff was lovely.

I had a lot of compliments on my work, which was nice to hear.

I also had a fair few people stop and chat as they also crocheted.

In fact, that was one of the best parts of the day, all the chatting about crafts.

It made the day go quicker, especially as I forgot to actually take some crochet with me! Ha!

I am normally quite a socially awkward person. I get anxious in crowds and feel uncomfortable, and I leave. Even the weekly shop can be hard at times...

So, it really surprised me how much I actually enjoyed chatting with people. Especially the other stall holders. I will be meeting up with a few for a brew and crafty chat soon.

So, all in all, yes it may have been a complete disaster sales wise, but I am glad I put myself out there and did it. I am proud I pushed myself to do something that scared me.

So, there you have it...

My first craft fair experience.

I hope if you do one, you have more success than me, but, if you don't, don't let it put you off. Know that your work is still beautiful, and you have a super talent. Sometimes, hand made items are not for everyone.

Don't let it make you think you are wasting your time.

I had a moment of self doubt and wondered why I even bother.....

But I slapped that idea out of my head.

I LOVE what I do! Completely. It brings me so much happiness. It is my safe place, my happy place.

So I will not let this put me off... in fact I think it may have given me more drive to succed.

It has made me think about which direction I want to take my business though.

And that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Thank you for reading...

Keep hooking!

Ali x x x

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