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Scrap Blankets....

Ahhh I do love a good scrap blanket...

Obviously they are brilliant for using up scrap yarn (hence the name), but they are also a nice easy side project to have.

I also find that when doing this I find new colour combo's that I may not have necessarily thought of before.

This picture is one of the many scrap blankets I have done.

It worked up quick and didn't take long to finish.

I just did Half Double Crochet in the Back Loops only.

I love the ridged effect.

Another Scrap Blanket.

This one was a continuous Granny Square.

With this one I just picked out a bunch of scrap balls and put them in a bag.

Then I just reached in a picked one and started working with it.

I love the randomness of it.

Scrap Blankets are sometimes also called Ugly Blankets.

Not sure how I feel about this term, ha!

I get why it's used, but I do not think anything that someone has taken the time, love and patience to make could ever be considered ugly....

But anyway,

I am sure you will see more of these kind of blankets from me, like I said, a great way to use up scrap yarn, they look lovely, and when I have used up scrap yarn.... that just means I get to buy more. haha. I call that a win/win!!

Love Ali x x x

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